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ex-pose (v) – to exhibit for public veneration (respect or awe inspired by the dignity, wisdom, dedication, or talent of a person)

Often called our “crowning glory,” hair has come to symbolize a woman’s beauty. One of the biggest fears of a woman diagnosed with breast cancer is losing her hair. Carrie’s TOUCH knows that beauty is not defined or limited by external appearances. We celebrate beauty by recognizing and highlighting “the soul that lives within” each of us because hair is not the standard and survivorship is more than hair. Proudly donning our pink ribbons, bald heads, golden locks and afros, we present the 2016 Carrie’s TOUCH Breast Cancer EXPOSED calendar, I AM NOT My Hair – I’m A Survivor!

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Breast cancer EXPOSED reveals the journeys of 12 bold and courageous survivors who expose their hair, their scars, and their stories to celebrate life, legitimatize the experiences of fellow survivors, and educate the community. These stories go beyond the surface and into what is real. Society receives a homogenized depiction of breast cancer and survivorship. Every October, we wear pink to raise awareness, but we lack awareness of the struggles of survivors of color. Our calendars challenge the status quo. We highlight survivors of color and show that black women can and do survive this disease.


“A picture is worth a thousand words.” At the completion of the second Breast Cancer Exposed project, we realized that the magnitude of the stories of these survivors could not be contained within a 12-month period.  Therefore, Carrie’s TOUCH has expanded our awareness and education project by creating a coffee table book.  The book will provide an in-depth look at a cancer journey through pictures. We are privileged to have women and men who choose to Expose their battle scars and tell their stories through imagery to save more lives.