What we REALLY do

You’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer, now what? No worries, Carrie’s TOUCH can help!

On the surface Carrie’s TOUCH appears to be “just” a support group for African American women in Sacramento, CA.

But, we’re much more than “just” a support group. We are a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit breast cancer organization, and what we really do is enhance your stream of consciousness around breast cancer. 


We heighten your sensibilities to the complexities and multifarious aspects of the famous “pink ribbon.” We inspire hope in the lives of beautiful women and men of color. We remind them that they are valued and their lives matter! We communicate a message of life – we let them know black women can and DO survive breast cancer! 

We fight!

We fight for those who cannot, will not or do not know how to fight for themselves!  We fight for justice for all cancer survivors. We sponsor radical, history making legislation and we boldy go where others won’t – we go into homes, hospitals, churches, schools, offices and more. 

We impact lives worldwide.

We provide culturally sensitive programs and activities that cater to the needs of African American women. We bridge the gap that builds trust and forges healthy patient/physician realtionships.

In other words, we shake up the status quo!

And, we’re not going away because we love every bit of what really do! We truly care for those we have the privilege to serve.

We let survivors know, we see you, we feel you and we’re here to take this breast cancer journey with you!

You are not alone.