Meet our Co-Founder and President

Rev. Tammie Denyse

I am clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that not only have I been called by God to support, encourage and inspire hope to women diagnosed with breast cancer, but my life was saved to be an advocate and a voice for women that look like me.

I absolutely love what I’ve been called to do!

In 2004, when first diagnosed I searched for hope in every outlet possible. I searched the web, I spoke with women at church and, I asked my physicians for information about survival rates for African American women with breast cancer. To my dismay, what little information I found certainly didn’t offer much hope. Instead, I learned of the sickening statistics that black women die more than any other ethnic group of women diagnosed with breast cancer, and not many live beyond 5-years past diagnosis. 

With information like that, you may not be surprised to learn when my oncologist asked me to participate in a clinical trial, I agreed. But not until after four hours of carefully combing through 32-pages of possible side-effects. 

Why did I agree to participate in a clinical trial? In a word, unacceptable!

The statistics and reasons for the ridiculously high death rates for women who look like me were and still are, unacceptable. The lack of research conducted for African American women with breast cancer in 2004 was definitely unacceptable and has only slightly improved. The lack of support services available for women who look like me, unacceptable. And while the Affordable Care Act offers some relief to many, the lack of access to care in communities of color is still unacceptable!

I’m a mother, daughter, sister, friend and an active part of the community. I’m a pastor and women look to me to help them make meaning of their diagnosis. 

My life matters. 
I matter to me. I matter to my children, my friends, and loved ones. I matter to my community, and I matter to the men and women I have the privilege to be called to serve. 
Why I do what I do rests at the core of the heartbeat that makes up each of these beautiful souls. 
Souls that look like me. 
Souls that matter. 
I do it because of my calling, my community, and my legacy.
Join me in giving hope to a woman diagnosed with breast cancer and help her to leave her legacy.


Always inspiring HOPE,
Reverend Tammie