I Love NED!
On November 6, 2016 my life changed! I was told I had breast cancer. My daughter, Daralyne, was with me. Her entire body trembled. I sat there in shock. After a treatment plan that included 6 cycles of a toxic cocktail, bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction, I experienced a recurrence in May; just 10-weeks after my last treatment and 5-weeks after surgery. Radiation was cancelled and plans for another surgery was being made. We opted to seek a second opinion and a new doctor and clinical trial found us. I began indefinite treatment that included chemo, a targeted therapy, and a clinical trial that uses the immune system to fight this beast called cancer. After 2 cycles the cancer was reduced by 75% – my son Erik was by my side. Before cycle 4 the doctor reviewed my scans from Tuesday and determined No Evidence of Disease aka NED. My daughter, Daralyne, was with me. This time she smiled through the tears and said “is my mom cancer free?” Dr. Borges said “well, in your mother’s case, due to the recurrence and the type of breast cancer NED is what she gets. I heard the words, cried tears of joy, flashed back to November 6th to the present moment and rejoiced for my daughter! This was her moment. I know it was my moment – Me and G-d. I get that. But this was for my daughter who trembled, left teaching to accept a divine job offer so she could care for me, traveled to every appointment, changed my drains, did my laundry, bathed me, fed me, encouraged me, made my daily smoothies… this moment was for her. This G-d moment was a reminder and an affirmation of G-d’s love and power in our lives – in Her life! Right now! In the midst of!

With this current treatment I must continue to guard my life, health, and energy. I am grateful to be working at my day job and Soul 2 Soul with my soul sis Rev. Dr. Dawn Riley Duval – preaching, leading and serving while watching and guarding my life, health, and energy; while my children continue to remind me of the importance of family time, family love, and family care! I dare not go back to the busy-ness of life I once had because I’ve learned some lessons on this journey. A journey that must include me first. A journey that includes no. A journey that includes yes when in divine order. A journey that includes walking away. A journey that includes Truth. A journey that includes something new. A journey I dare not travel alone ~ my children, grandson, sisters, tribe, village near and far has journeyed this far and we have some more of this divine journey to travel.

I will still have treatment every three weeks – Me and NED, until further notice, will be healing mind, body, and spirit.


To G-d be the glory!!!