Saving More Black Women.

Humanizing her experience with breast cancer.

Meet Carrie

Message from Rev. Tammie

When people learn that my name is not Carrie, I am often asked, “Who is Carrie?”

She was my Momma.

While she was not a cancer survivor, she did have her own fight. For as long as I can remember, she suffered at the hands and harmful words of her abuser, her husband. Momma was a victim of domestic violence, and over forty years ago, the man who vowed to love her took her life.

The eleven years I was blessed to have her with me were golden and filled with as much love as God could shove in them. My Momma, Carrie, was kind and loving — beautiful and statuesque. I only have a few memories of her, but I remember her presence as bold and brilliant, with a softness and gentleness about her.

She had a passion for helping others, and I am grateful she passed that same passion onto me. I pray her spirit remains alive in me and in the work I do to honor her life — and carry her legacy forward.

Carrie Eda


Meet Lynne

Message from Rev. Tammie

Lynne Rankin-Cochran, co-founder and vice-president of Carrie’s TOUCH, was a passionate and dedicated supporter of the organization until her passing in 2013. Rev. Tammie Denyse’s beloved sister, Lynee served faithfully, believing strongly in the life-changing work and support Carrie’s TOUCH offers to so many Black women in need.

Despite her own battle with bladder cancer, Lynn played a crucial role in realizing projects like the ‘Breast Cancer Exposed’ calendar, showcasing her artistic and editing talents. Her dedication to serving breast cancer survivors continues to inspire, leaving a lasting legacy within Carrie’s TOUCH.

Our eternal Co-Founder Lynne Marie Rankin-Cochran, we are forever grateful for your contributions to co-founding Carrie’s TOUCH.


"You have cancer" are three words no one wants to hear.

Rev. Tammie Denyse was stunned when she first heard those words while driving with her three children in the car. Adding to the intensity was hearing the staggering statistics from her oncologist that although Black women don’t exhibit the highest breast cancer diagnosis rates, their fatality rates were, and still are, about 41% higher than White women. Ultimately, all Rev. Tammie really heard was, “You’re going to die”.

Determined to fight back against the mortality rate and not become a part of the 41%, she knew she needed to take action. Instead of asking her doctors whether or not she was going to die, Rev. Tammie asked her doctors what treatments were available to help her live! She was offered an opportunity to participate in a clinical trial, but when she asked how Black women were responding to the trial, her oncologist said, “I don’t know”. In her words, “I was pissed! If I was going to live I had to educate and empower myself to become my own advocate”.

While educating herself, Rev. Tammie learned that Black women were dying for reasons as basic as lack of awareness and education about breast cancer and its treatments. So she took the opportunity to center Black women in a seminary project, and focused on educating and empowering her community regarding the life-saving significance of early detection.

Rev. Tammie and her late sister, Lynne Rankin-Cochran, created and launched an informative hand fan campaign. The breast cancer ribbon-shaped fan included basic breast health information, such as the importance of early detection, and dispelled common myths. The campaign was launched in seven Sacramento Valley churches. Rev. Tammie passionately shared her story and mission to save Black women. Alongside the fans, she distributed breast self-exam cards featuring a Black woman and the red, black, green and pink “Ribbon of Life” symbol.


Responses to the campaign such as “I didn’t know monthly exams were necessary” and “the mammogram is too painful” revealed a critical need for support. Black women with breast cancer wanted to live and thrive, they just didn’t know how.

It was out of this need that Carrie’s TOUCH, Inc. was born.

Since 2004, Rev. Tammie, the Board of Directors, and the Carrie’s TOUCH tribes have dedicated their time and energy to help women (and men) thrive through advocacy, education, research, survivor support, and health technology. Carrie’s TOUCH is, and has always been, the difference that makes a difference.

Our Tribe

Board of Directors

Co-founder and President

Rev. Dr. Tammie Denyse

Mazuri Colley

at The Women’s Foundation

Chair Woman
Clanci M. Cochran

of GSB Research Hub at Stanford

Schaundra Nelson

of AT&T

Board Member
Michele Lites

of Radiation/Oncology at Kaiser Permanente

Program Support

Administrative Support
Survivor Support/Rapid Response

Culture. Spirituality. Legacy

Cultural bonds are an important part of most cultures, and Black Americans are no exception. Family, especially prominent figures, like a beloved “Big Momma” and those like her, reign supreme at Sunday dinners, church functions, and special occasions. In addition, God and attending church every Sunday are simply part of a family’s weekly ritual within much of the Black community, including mine.

Having that strong presence of God in my life since age twelve, I developed a deep bond with Him early on. When I heard those traumatic words, “You have cancer,” I knew inately to turn to God. At that moment, the story of the woman with the issue of blood (Mark 5: 25-34) profoundly resonated with me. In many ways, I was that woman.

“If only I could TOUCH the hem of His garment.”

It had only been six months since I had answered God’s call to preach when I received the cancer diagnosis, further defining my purpose. I was destined for a ministry of helping and healing. Mark 5:25-34 would serve as a biblical foundation for the numerous women around the world that I, through Carrie’s TOUCH, would get to serve.  For me, faith in “the TOUCH” is inevitable and unwavering.

In the spirit of Sankofa —  being fearless in uplifting the necessity of our work, going back to bring forth — it is my life’s work to continue the legacy of Carrie Eda, my Momma, by going back to help bring others forward on this incredible journey of healing.