Our Values + Mission

Carrie’s TOUCH is here for you.

We see you. We hear you. We understand you.

For nearly two decades, Carrie’s TOUCH has been purposed to amplify the voices, needs, and experiences of Black women throughout their breast cancer journey. As we look to the next twenty years, we must reimagine not only who we are, or what we do, but how we do it. While we continue to evolve and innovate, we are guided by our uncompromising core values.

Ubuntu Energy

We embrace the essence of humanity, demonstrating compassion and grace — being generous with our hearts, time, and talents — connecting to self through others.

Cherished Community

We employ open and affirming language to model a transcendent culture where people are valued, not only statistics — a space of strength and power where you are safe and free to embrace joy, hope, and healing.

Research Our Way

We practice principles of cultural competence — holding culturally curated gatherings led with love and compassion versus sterile and disconnected focus groups — understanding that culturally rich research is essential to our diverse audiences.

Unshakeable Ethics

We employ open and affirming language to model a transcendent culture where people are valued, not only statistics — a space of strength and power where you are safe and free to embrace joy, hope, and healing.

Sankofa Spirit

We are fearless in uplifting the necessity of our work — we go back to bring forth! We elevate and humanize the experience of Black women — being flexible while firmly rooted in how we show up in everything we do.


Our goal is to meet people where they are.


Educate, inform, and share stories that engage, inspire, and support the women we honor and serve every day.


Build trust through cultural and community connections, physically and emotionally meeting needs where needs must be met.


Cultivate a compassionate and understanding space — without judgment — offering healing, hope, dignity, and the agency and freedom to process every part of the journey.


Offer a community of thoughtful care, cultural competence, and individual support in the midst of chaos and challenges to say, “You are not alone, we are here for you!”

H-opeful Healing

Embrace and empower hope for our future through the healing work we do — with every connection, partnership, event, and conversation.


Use innovative and advanced technology to support our purpose and move forward our mission.


Provide information on the most up-to-date treatment options, preventative care, support, and the most enriching and relevant approaches to caring for our community.


Defend our autonomy and humanity, insistently influencing updates to policy in institutions, communities, and law.


Humanize the data through cultural competence and diverse representation — inserting voices into a narrative where they have been historically omitted and disrupting the status quo to influence radical change and innovative care.


Support every aspect of the journey through a system curated with intention — to address the unknown and unexpected — more support is needed when you don’t know what you don’t know. No one should ever face a cancer journey alone. We are here for you!

Our Culture Credo

We are here. In this place. At this time. To give. To give. More. Life. Today is a gift, eagerly awaiting to be unwrapped. Redefined beauty. She is clothed with dignity and strength. We amplify hope as a beacon, calling others to connect with this beautiful journey. Our journey. Together. The excursion. Voyage. Odyssey. Quest. Our destination. Together. Safe. Respected. Mutually honored. Independently celebrated. We embrace our similarities. Revere our differences. Rooted in knowing nature thrives in diversity. We are culture. We are cultural. Empowered. Supported. Tears are welcomed. Happy. Angry. Empathic. Peaceful. Encouraging. Forgiving. Accepting. Supportive. Overcoming. Tears. Unapologetic tears. Strong shoulders. Plenty of tissue. There is never judgment. Never judgment. We celebrate and champion life. Past. Present. New. Normal. Whatever that is.  Now. Because it matters. You matter. Love is required. To give. To receive. Together. We are because you are. I am because you are. Ubuntu. Give as we receive together. Because. We. Are the answer to a warrior’s prayer.